Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arduino feature

Arduino Shields
Lots of Arduino Add-Ons have been made that t the standard
Arduino form
I Ethernet
I Battery
I WaveSheild (lots of audio functions)
I XBee
I Motor Control
I Phidget Sensor
I Lots more!

Pocket Piano Arduino Shield
A tiny little synthesizer, 25 keys
I Original page
I Makershed page (with video)

Learning More
I Online Tutorial
I Another Tutorial
I Getting Started with Arduino and Making Things Talk by
I Arduino Programming Notebook
I Make Magazine and Instructables
I Arduino and Parts at AdaFruit and MakerShed
I Go to Youtube and search for Arduino

I Electronics doesn't have to be scary
I Microcontrollers are even less scary
I Small computers led to lots of cool projects
I Go forth and hack!
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