Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arduino basics

 Tiny, selfcontained computers in an IC
 Often contain peripherals
 Different packages availible
 Vast array of size and power availible

Sensory Input
 Robots need to be able to recieve input from the world in the form of sensory input.
 Microcontrollers handle this input.
 Thousands of sophisticated sensors availiable

 Development board for the ATMega328
 Inludes
 Programmer,
 Voltage Regulators
 Seral to USB Converter
30! Has everything you need!

Arduino C Template
void setup() {
// Setup stuff to only run once at the beginning
void loop()
// This function gets called indefinatly

 Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)
 Counters/Timers (TMRx)
 PWM Modules (CCP/PWM)
 Serial Ports (UART)
 Many, many more....
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