Thursday, October 7, 2010

Minimal Arduino with ATmega8

A good use for old Arduino boards

Like me, you may have a few old Arduino boards or ATmega8 chips (in the boards) laying around from when you were first playing with Arduino. Those chips can still be really useful as the heart of a tiny “Minimal Arduino” setup.

A normal Arduino board contains support components that make it easy to use. If you want a smaller footprint, you can get one of the many Arduino work-alike boards. But if you want a really small footprint, and reuse your old parts, you can make an Arduino board using just five components:
- ATmega8 chip
- single 10k resistor
- single 0.1uF capacitor
- tiny breadboard
- some hookup wire

(On the left, an IR remote controlled BlinkM. On the right an IR remote controlled RGB LED)

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